March 11th, 2012

Gold Mining: Why it’s Hot!

Gold Mining

Gold Mining

You have probably heard that gold mining is a big deal right now, and that is all due in part to the hit TV show Gold Rush Alaska. I can’t say I disagree, because I do know quite a bit about the gold market and what is happening with gold and silver on a regular basis. I want to share with you the history of gold mining, and how you can get your shot at finding some gold of your own today!

Gold Mining: the Beginning of Time

So, if you have read any history on gold mining, then you know that since the beginning of time people have done it, and it was a lot of hard work!

I would imagine that it still is, and if you have seen the hit TV show Gold Rush Alaska, then you know that there is a lot of equipment that goes into it. Gold mining is simply the process of removing gold from the ground, and there are several techniques that can be used to mine gold properly and efficiently.

So, when did mining for gold first begin? It might be hard to pinpoint the exact date, but gold has been in supply since the beginning of time. We do know that the first place gold was found, or that we have record of, was in the Varna Necropolis in Bulgaria. What does this mean to you? This discovery was made sometime between 4200 to 4700 BC, which means that gold mining could be approximately 700 years old.

Gold Mining: What Happened in Europe?

During what is known as the Bronze Age, gold was plentiful as well. It makes you wonder why they never considered that there could be a Gold Age?

In Europe, hydraulic methods were being used to mine gold, not to mention what then was known as hushing or even sluicing. Gold was able to be extracted from what was referred to as large alluvial deposits. History tells us that these could be found in Las Medulas, which is a historical site located in El Bierzo, Spain.

See, gold mining isn’t a new thing, but rather an old thing still going strong. The reason for this might be the rise in the price of gold but ultimately gold has always been around. Perhaps it has taken tough times for people to see this.

Gold Mining: Exchange of Gold-Why it’s Universal

At one time, gold was the primary exchange of money within the Roman Empire. This was a probably in some fashion related to the mines, however, what we should all remember is that gold is in fact a currency, and therefore its exchangeable anywhere, in any language!

Over time, gold mining actually became a tradition, in the first millennium B.C. Where did this become tradition? The only named location at this point in history is the Kolar gold fields, located in India. This is actually known as a town, but early in history this was regarded as the place to mine for gold.

In the year 2001, these mines were closed, and word has it that they were closed due to a reduction in gold deposits, but is this true? The employees of the gold fields protested what was happening, and as a result, they continued a battle well through 2003 and later into 2006. The mines were eventually re-opened, however findings indicate the level of gold ore is very low.

Gold Mining: Where is Gold Mining at Today?

Although gold mining has a bit of history, and people are fascinated by the show, Gold Rush Alaska, gold doesn’t necessarily have to be mined to be found.

Today there are many gold prospecting metal detectors that help people find gold on a regular basis. There are also fields and mines around the United States where you can do some gold panning, not only through digging but by going through creekbeds, rivers and streams as well.

Now that you know a little bit more about gold mining, are you planning your next vacation in a while new light?

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