April 6th, 2012

Gold Funds or Physical Gold?

Should Gold ETFs or Phsyical Gold Be Bought?Buy Gold Funds or Physical Gold?

One of the most argued points today when it comes to gold is how to buy it, and that is because many are discussing buying gold funds. This is because many find it not only easier to buy their gold through ETF, but they don’t have to arrange to store on it. So, is buying gold through ETF the best way to buy? I am going to explain to you what an ETF is, and why most people are buying physical gold.

Buying Gold Funds Through ETF

As one who has knowledge about gold and the financial markets, I can tell you that many wish to buy their gold through ETF simply because they don’t want to store it. This is fine, but buying online presents a challenge. The challenge is that when you buy online you simply cannot tell if the gold is really there. See the problem?

You are better off buying physical gold because you can see it, and with that being said it’s time to consider whether or not you have a source that you trust to buy your gold from. You are more than welcome to do some research on buying gold funds online, but I can assure you that what you will find will back up what I am telling you.

Gold Funds-You Know the Mutual Kind?

Okay, so now that we have talked about buying these gold funds, what are they exactly? The truth is there are 5 top mutual gold funds to choose from including First Eagle Gold, GAMCO Gold AAA, Van Eck International Gold, SPDR Gold Shares, and Market Gold Miners ETF. These were the top 5 to be scoped out last year, when gold futures hit $1500 per ounce.

While some of these funds are still at the top, what are you considering investing in? Rather than considering an investment that you cannot see or touch, wouldn’t you rather be able to buy gold and hold it in your hot little hands?  I know I would, and with good reason! Are you ready to find out why I have such a strong opinion?

Why I Know Physical Gold Beats Physical Gold Funds

I can tell you that I would only EVER buy physical gold, and with good reason. For starters, I would only buy it simply because physical gold is what you will be able to barter with. Why? Super inflation is coming, and if you are not prepared, you won’t have a chance to survive what is coming financially. Think about it; don’t you think with all of the job loss and business going down that stores will have a tough time stocking their shelves?

When times get tough and the American dollar continues to go down in value, this is when gold will be acceptable to barter with. This means that those who have gold bullion, not gold coins, will be plenty secure as they have something to barter with.

Are you ready to start buying gold to hold back? Are you seeking a better way to buy over ETFs? CLICK HERE today to ask me how you can FORGET gold funds, and focus on physical gold!



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