June 30th, 2012

Gold for Sale in Colombia? Welcome to Cartagena!

Gold for Sale in Colombia? Welcome to Cartagena!

Gold For Sale In Colombia? 

There is gold for sale just about anywhere these days, but what about in Colombia?

This city is known for being a beach resort area, but what else lies within its boundaries? There is more to Cartagena than you think, and it’s quite valuable!

I am going to share with you some information about this Colombian gold mine that just might surprise you.

Gold for Sale in Cartagena, Colombia

Although many who visit Cartagena, Colombia do so for the beauty of South America, there is also gold there. Gold is virtually everywhere, but it’s more plentiful in some countries than it is in others.

A gold rush fever of sorts hit Colombia last year, and many have referred to it as a civil war, but yes, there is still gold for sale as long as the gold mines there exist.

The challenge doesn’t lie with the people as much as it does with the military groups there. There are rebels and militia groups that are battling over the mining regions, and for the obvious reason. Yes, there is plenty of gold!

This is why so many people have been opting to visit mines on their vacations in the US and Canada, because mining for gold and gemstones has been a hot topic since the price of gold skyrocketed.

Albeit gold is taking over the thoughts and emotions of the people, the truth is the emotions are still hot enough that many families have feared losing their life due to the violence that is prevalent in their home town.

Helicopter raids are common, and as you can imagine this is a sight that most of us cannot relate to, nor do we ever expect to see it like this. However, did you know that there are several North American mining companies that are in on the action too?

This is because the gold is so plentiful in those Colombian mines that it’s worth the time and money for these companies to get in on the action and seize the day before those mines are blown.

Gold for Sale and No it’s Not Marijuana!

Okay, so if you are reading this and you liked this subheading, you probably know something about which I am talking about!

You guessed it; the term “Colombian gold” is also known as Cannabis or Marijuana, but the battle isn’t over that. Amazing eh? It’s simply a variety that is in the Cannabis family, but has nothing to do with my rant here on “gold for sale”!

However, with varieties of things to battle over, it’s not good timing for either one, right? No doubt that although the big gold fever started last year in 2011, it’s still going on.

Colombia also offers much in the way of silver, copper, and other metals, and thus it is that Colombian Mines Corporation has an interest in creating more projects that we don’t know all the details of yet, but keep us curious about what we will see next out of Colombia.

Gold for Sale with Karatbars International

Okay, so I live in the United States, but I do have gold for sale with Karatbars International. The question is are you ready to buy?

You should be if you understand where our economy is headed, and make no mistake that it’s easier to buy gold with me than it is in Colombia.

I have gold for sale!

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