April 13th, 2012

Gold Bars | Buy Physical Gold for Your Insurance Policy

Karatbars Gold Bullion Bars-Your Inflation Insurance999.9 Karatbar Grade Gold Bullion Bar

You have probably heard that buying gold bars is better than buying gold online. Sure you have, and this is only for your protection, so don’t doubt it for a second. There is a huge difference of course between buying online and buying what you can hold in your hand. I am going to share with you what the difference is, and how you can benefit from the obvious choice.

Gold Bars | Why Buy Them?

When it comes to gold bars, why should you buy them over gold coins? It’s a great question huh? The answer is simple-you want and need to buy bullion over anything else. Keep in mind that many folks misunderstand what gold coins really do for them.

Gold coins have numismatic value even though there are some gold bullion coins. The key is to own what will put you into a position to barter, and that is gold bullion. This means that you want to have what will give you an insurance policy against super inflation. Once it hits, and the U.S. dollar has continued to go down in value, what will be left?

There will only be one place to go, and that is in the direction of gold because it’s a natural element and still in supply. Did you also know that gold is in fact a currency? This is something that many don’t know or understand, but that is just another reason why it’s ideal to buy the gold bars instead of gold coins.

Gold Bars | What Types of Bars Do You Buy?

So, when it comes to buying gold bars, what type do you need to buy? There are different ounces that the bars come in, including 1 ounce bars, 3 ounce bars, and even 10 ounce bars too.

The smaller bars are easier to store, and they are easier to trade with. They are also the least expensive, but most of all they are easier to find because they are more common. The truth is, the banks are the ones that hold the largest supply too, and they hold the supply of the larger bars.

I can tell you all about the gold bars because one of my home based businesses is Karatbars International. The truth is, Karatbars has what you need, and while we cannot tell you to invest in gold, we can certainly direct you on what is in your best interest to buy. Why? We know what is coming down the pike, and you need to be prepared!

Gold Bars | Should You Buy From Banks?

So, now that you know the banks have gold bars to offer, should you buy from them? Not necessarily, because keep in mind what they offer are the larger bars. For one, you don’t want to walk out with them, and even if you held them at the bank, would they be secure?

If you want to keep your own eyes on your gold, then buy your gold when you can lay hands on it. If you would like more information and more guidance on how to buy gold bars, then CLICK HERE for more information today!



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