July 12th, 2013

Global Financial Crisis

Do you feel as though the global financial crisis is looming? If you have been watching the news you probably have.  Do you ever feel as though things won’t improve for our country or any other country? While Congress tells us that things are getting better, unemployment is still at an all-time high, and it’s not moving.

Jobs seem to only be available with companies that are willing to pay out minimum wage and nothing greater. Do you ever feel angry, because you have worked hard to advance with the employer you have today, but things are not changing, nor will they change any time soon?

There are some interesting new facts about this global financial crisis that I want to share with you today, to give you a better understanding about what is happening right now, and what you can expect in the future.

The Global Financial Crisis and Slow Economic Growth

If you were watching the news recently, you may have noticed that:

  1. Oil is up to $105 a barrel again
  2. There is a recession in the Euro Zone
  3. The IMF reported that economic growth will require STRONG action
  4. Policymakers have been told to encourage growth

Could it be that the policymakers don’t want more growth so that they can keep more money for themselves? Although the IMF (International Monetary Fund) says that strong action is needed, they also expect a 3.1% increase in growth. Is growth possible?

The numbers that they are looking for are higher than the expectations they had 3 months ago, but unless there are some major changes on a global level, it seems so uncertain.  Olivier Jean Blanchard, the head of research for the IMF, says that Japan needs to:

  1. Keep their debt under control
  2. China is experiencing slow growth
  3. The US is considering back off the bond buying program

These 3 points are merely all important points to remember when it comes to the global financial crisis, and the US economy received a very low forecast in terms of growth for 2013. While this article is about the global financial crisis, naturally my eyes are turned on the US because this is where I live and work.

This also means that I don’t have high expectations for the dollar, and with that in mind I need to find a replacement. Let’s face it, the value of the dollar has been in the balance for quite some time, and in preparation, gold is the best option. Why? It will go up and value, it spiked today at the time of this writing, and it will be the currency of choice when the dollar is out.

Prepare for the Global Financial Crisis

While I am sharing with you the facts and figures, don’t forget that now is the time for you to plan ahead. Your family is worth it, and if you don’t have any gold you won’t be ready for what is coming down the pike.

What have you been doing with your money lately? Are you being a wise steward of what you have? Have you been managing your money or is it managing you?

The time for you to buy gold is now. Trust the experts, and start preparing for the global financial crisis today, by going HERE to learn more!


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