March 6th, 2014

Financial Burden Has Americans Thinking

Financial burden is one of the toughest burdens to bear. In fact, if you were to talk to a group of men and a group of women, they would each see it differently. Men want to know that they are able to care for their wives and children, and women seem to get rather stressed all while trying to stand behind their spouses with an encouraging word when possible to reassure them that all is okay even though they worry.

So, what is the key to eliminating such a burden? There is no question that financial matters are a big deal, either way. The challenge is all in how you handle them. If you find that you are riddled with financial burden, what will you do to resolve the burden without it causing stress and strain on your family? There are some tips that I would like to give you to help you do just that!

Financial Burden Most Families Bear in America

Financial burdenThere is no doubt a tremendous financial burden for most families in America right now because everyone is facing higher medical insurance policies, and the medical excise tax which is now being charged in some states on sales receipts.

Couples are wondering how they are going to be able to afford anything with a lower paycheck as a result. If gas prices weren’t high enough, now you could end up losing an extra $50 or so per paycheck which could easily be what you spent in gas, so now you are losing $100 right off the bat.

What do you do? Most folks I talk with always seem to be able to find some way to cut back and practice financial discipline, including:

  1. Eating out-just don’t do it if you can avoid it
  2. Extra driving-forget it. Just try to get everything in one place if you can
  3. Vacations-Some folks are skipping them and taking staycations, or they are taking shorter trips

These are just a few of the ways in which some of my friends and family members are making small changes and steps towards living a bit easier during tough economic times.

Easing the Financial Burden in 2014

While many are talking about the financial burden of this country, it’s important that we fully understand our country is in dire financial straits, and that we need to be prepared for what lies ahead. It’s not an easy road, and no doubt that the government has been scrambling around trying to figure out how to handle it all.

We watched as battles ensued over taxes, spending cuts, and healthcare was being argued about more than ever before. With Obamacare changes, there was no doubt a heavy burden upon the American people not knowing what to fully expect. There were so many ideas of what the Obamacare was to include and what it wouldn’t cover.

The value of our currency is going down too, so it’s time for you to decide what you will do with your old paper money. I can tell you folks, it’s time to buy gold. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Buy gold, and prepare for what lies ahead.

Take the time to learn more about how to prepare for our coming financial burden in 2014 and beyond! The only economy that really counts is the one in your own home – so protect it!




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