April 4th, 2011

Family and Retirement for Women

Family and retirement for women are practically joined at the hip.  Retirement is your chance to be independent, explore new things and discover you. But your family may or may not make this difficult for you.  Here are some things you may have to deal with once you retire.

Hi grandma!

You love your grandbabies.  Your job as grandma (or aunt) is to spoil your grandkids silly.  But that doesn’t mean you’re their babysitter.  Don’t let your kids take advantage of you.  Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean that you don’t have a life.  Remember, you need some time for you as well.  If you don’t feel like it or don’t want to watch the grandkids, just say no.

This isn’t selfish.  On the contrary, this is quite fair.  Your objective in retirement is to enjoy yourself.  Your house isn’t a daycare center just because you stopped working.  Explain this to your children.  If possible, let them know that you’ll only keep the grandkids during certain days of the week or the month.  Don’t let them pay you any “surprise” visits.  Be firm.

Hey, can you lend me…?

Retirement for women doesn’t mean that you’re instantly rich.  You’re on a budget just like everyone else.  If it’s an emergency, of course you want to consider helping someone out financially.  But you’re not a bank.

A good rule of thumb for lending money is don’t give out more than what you’ll miss.

Who are you again?

If you’re married, be prepared to see your mate in a totally different light, because it’s very likely you’ll be seeing them all the time.  And they’re going to irritate you.

It happens.  We rub shoulders with the people we love, especially when we see them day in and day out, 24-7.  Just take this opportunity to rediscover your partner.  Spend some time with them.  Reminisce over old memories and days long forgotten.  Reconnect.  This is a new chapter in both of your lives.  Enjoy it for what it is, but don’t smother each other in the process.




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