July 20th, 2012

Fake Money | is it Making a Comeback?

Fake Money | is it Making a Comeback?

Don’t Own For Fake Money

Fake money sounds so funny doesn’t it? To think that people have been producing counterfeit money to try and pass it off as real money sounds silly, but it’s been happening for years.  Counterfeit detection is an all-important skill to have, but there are few that have it. I want to share with you why it’s happening more frequently, and how you can quell the activity in America by making some wise decisions about what you carry.

What is Fake Money Anyhow?

Ah, the term fake money probably has you tripped up a bit am I right? What I am talking about at the moment is counterfeit, but we can also talk about some other ideas in regards to what fake money really means.

Now that times are tough, those who produce counterfeit money are getting even smarter about what they do. They are making it harder for authorities to figure out what they have. It’s no surprise that this came up when jobs are hard to come by and things are getting more expensive than ever. Inflation is what is hurting Americans, and now more than ever we are trying to find ways to conserve everything we use.

Still, the biggest allure is NOT getting caught, and beating the system. If you knew that you could come up with a clever way to get away with printing money that is fake, would you do it? I think right now a lot of folks would, but there are better ways of dealing with the crisis than trying to create fake money!

Gold is Better Than Fake Money

There is no doubt that now even teenagers are savvy on how to create fake money, but there is a better way to deal with this crisis than trying to outsmart the feds, don’t you think?

In fact, a friend of mine was just reading a book on how to be resourceful, so at times like this, it pays to tap into the power of you, right? All in all, it’s about creating your own life, and with that being said, it’s time to start looking at the money we do have differently.

If you had more money in your hand, what would you do with it? How would you spend it? My money is being saved and spent on something that is of value. What is that? It’s gold.

I take the excess I earn, and I save it in a gold savings account, so that I can prepare for my future. It’s time for you to do the same, and even if you don’t think you have enough to spend, start considering things you don’t use, and clothes you don’t wear as a resource to create additional funds for yourself.

So, rather than create fake money, why not just create it with some skill and hard work?

You can do this, and I can show you what I am talking about, how I buy my gold, and more. CLICK HERE today if you would like to avoid the issues of fake money, and create a pot of gold for you and your family!




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