November 22nd, 2013

Easy Money In Gold?

Easy money is something everyone is looking for, but what few realize is that gold is where the money really is. As the dollar declines, it’s gold that’s a lighthouse as we head into the future. Once the dollar dies gold is all that works. Why is this true? For starters, so few individuals can actually define what money is. Most Americans know what our “money” looks like, and that is all that Americans really know.

There really isn’t a sound definition on money being passed around, but even the economists don’t know how to refer to it when the Fed makes statements like, “Not sure how to fix it.” The economy has brought plenty of debate and struggle for everyone, but we keep going back to what happens when currency as we know it is gone.

Gold is money. Most consumers don’t know that gold is money, but rather they view it in the context of jewelry and nothing more. Because governments have not recognized gold as money, it’s hard to fathom. However, the easy money for us will be gold when the dollar is gone, and I am going to tell you why.

Evolution of This Easy Money

Easy Money In Gold?Imagine a time in which you had to produce everything you used all on your own. It’s hard for you to imagine, right? We live in an age of convenience, but this wasn’t always true. Americans had to produce their own food and made a living from what they could produce. It was a harder life, but it was much simpler then.

Somewhere along the way, an individual has to consider whether or not what they produce is in fact easy money for them. In many cases, too many businesses have created something that has:

  • Zero marketability- no one benefits from it
  • Limited marketability-meaning only a small number of people really need it
  • Limited marketability therefore a limited amount of revenue to keep as profit

For far too long, people have over expanded and over indulged and now we are in a place where we have to go back to the basics. What is money? Wow, it shouldn’t seem to be such a profound question, but yet we have ended up in a place where our country is going in reverse, looking back to a simpler time and nearly attempting to re-create how we lived then as well as get a better understanding of our economy.

Easy Money Only in Gold for the Future

As the dollar has declined and things have gone down the drain for businesses, the price of gold has gone up. This is because gold is gold all over the world and it’s still available. It’s being mined more heavily which means it is becoming more scarce, but it’s worth so much right now that people are cashing in their dollars and buying 999.9 gold bars, coins, and even cards.

People have been longing to get their hands on something physical rather than buying into ETF’s so that they can see it and they can account for what they have. Gold is easy money, but only if you take what you have right now in paper money and start buying gold with it to prepare for a rocky future.



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