February 25th, 2012

Diverticulitis and a Nutritional Cure

Prevent Diverticulitis With Healthy Food

Eating Healthy Prevents Diverticulitis

Did you know that diverticulitis is now becoming a growing problem around the country? While it seems to attack those who are older in age, it is now affecting those who are under the age of 40 as well. How does this happen? I am going to share with you what diverticulitisis, what standard treatment is and what natural treatment that you can use to benefit you without the use of harsh drugs.

What is Diverticulitis?

To better understand how to really treat diverticulitis you need to know more about what it is. This is a condition in which tiny pouches form along the wall of the colon, and although we aren’t really sure what causes this, we do know that diet is certainly an issue. These pouches can get inflamed and infected, and when they do the pain is unreal.

It is understood that a diet that is not high enough in fiber could be a factor, and that is why there is so much focus on a high fiber diet for those who are getting above the age of 60. Fiber is what adds bulk to the stool, and it keeps things moving through the body at a quick pace which makes the process of elimination easier. So, how do you know if this is what you have?

Diagnosing Diverticulitis

So, how do doctors diagnose diverticulitis? It’s actually quite simple and it’s done through a common procedure known as colonoscopy. The colonoscopy can easily identify whether or not there are tiny pouches along the wall of the colon, and if they are found then the doctor will normally give instructions on how to calm this down, and how long it will take.

Identifying Symptoms of Diverticulitis

If you are curious about what the symptoms are of diverticulitis, then you can always check out a resource like www.webmd.com. You can read all about the symptoms, the diagnosis, and how the problem is treated. This will at least give you some idea of how to deal with it now and in the long term as well.

The symptoms are pretty common across the board and include belly pain, fever or even chills, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and just a general feeling of discomfort as well. This makes it harder for the patient to get to the doctor if they wait for too long, and because it can minimize appetite it might ease up since nothing is passing through the colon. The key is to seek medical counseling early on and get treatment before it gets much worse.

Diet for Diverticulitis

If you are curious what you should eat for diverticulitis, then be sure to heed to your doctor’s advice. Typically your doctor will advise that you go on a diet that is extremely high in fiber, and if they do recommend this then follow through with this.

Eating high fiber could come in the form of eating high fiber cereal, high fiber fruits and vegetables, and also drinking a lot more water. There are so many steps that can be taken to use a high fiber diet, and yet so few people do this.

In addition to eating high fiber meals, you can also take a fiber supplement too. This might be different for everyone, but choose one that is all natural, and if possible one that has a vegetarian capsule too.

There are many ways to increase our health and to avoid disease like diverticulitis with the right nutrition.




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