February 15th, 2014

Debt Ceiling Scares Consumers

Debt ceiling arguments have been taking place for quite some time now, and it’s no surprise that the President recently signed off on yet another huge increase in the debt ceiling.  Remember the last time they raised the ceiling – all the stress involved that had curse words flying like wildfire between Harry Reid and Boehner? It seemed that the President and the Speaker couldn’t come to an agreement, yet Boehner had some strong words for those that got caught in the cross fire.

In the end, nothing was really resolved, and our hope for fewer taxes was abolished when they voted to increase them. So, what was the majority rule? It was nothing more than higher taxes, a higher debt ceiling, and no spending cuts were resolved either.

So, my question to you is this. Do you know what happens because of this decision to keep increasing the ceiling? If you don’t, sit tight, read this article, and prepare to be astounded. What I am about to tell you may or may not shock you. However, you need to know how the debt ceiling is going to affect the American people, and why.

How the Debt Ceiling Will Affect Ordinary Americans

Debt CeilingWhat would you say if I told you that the increase in the debt ceiling would mean higher interest rates? Would you be angry or happy? I don’t know of a time when high interest rates have ever made someone happy. I don’t think that they ever will, but I can assure you that they are coming.

What if I told you that you worked hard all of your life for nothing in return? Wouldn’t you love that? This situation is frustrating enough that almost all of us are having a really tough time with it as it is, but the one thing I will tell you is that if feel your retirement account doesn’t have much to offer you, then expect that to stay the same too.

If the stock market continues to tumble, this is exactly what you can expect. Americans across the board and investors are all wondering what is next and they aren’t sure that they want to watch then news or read the tickers at the bottom of the screens.  Can it be fixed? Can you prepare for the impending crisis?

What Corporations Are Doing Because of the Debt Ceiling

Just in case you weren’t sure of how the debt ceiling would affect your job, let me share with you what is coming next. Corporations are going to be making job cuts but they are also going to be cutting benefits as well. This is sort of like insult to injury when joblessness is already at an all-time high.

With a decrease in the country’s credit rating, joblessness predicted to increase, tax increase and more, inflation is going to only get worse. This means that the only saving grace for you is that you have bought gold and silver.

Gold and silver is currency, so make no mistake about it, it’s not really an investment. If you want to learn more about how you can get ready for the debt ceiling crisis, then CLICK HERE now to learn more!




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