January 26th, 2011

Crowning Glory: Healthy Hair for Women Over 50

Can women over 50 have healthy hair?  Of course you can!  You’re just going to have to take more careful care of your hair than you did when you were younger.

As we hit 50 and over, our hair becomes thinner.  That’s because our hair follicles stop producing as much hair and because the hair shafts themselves can thin out.

But there are ways we can keep our hair healthy and beautiful despite these natural tendencies.  After all, a big reason these tendencies become “natural” is because we accept them and don’t do anything about them!

Here are some thing you can do to keep your hair healthy well after its 50th birthday:

  • Avoid harsh chemicals.  Dyes and perms damage hair of any age, but once we hit 50, that damage is particularly bad.  Consider a shorter hairstyle if you want more body.
  • Brush gently.  Use a soft-bristled brush and work your brush through any tangles very carefully.  This is particularly important after we’ve washed our hair because that’s when it’s the most delicate.
  • Good nutrition is essential to healthy hair.  A well balanced diet including as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible will do wonders for your hair.
  • Whether you like it or not, I’ve got to tell you—exercise is also key to a healthy head of hair because exercise keeps our circulation going at optimal levels.
  • Finally, if you’re having a lot of trouble with your hair—for example, you’re losing more than about 100 strands of hair a day—check with your healthcare professional.  There are solutions for these kinds of problems, and it’s also true that losing a lot of hair may signal a health concern that you’re going to want to resolve.

So yes, it’s not that hard to have healthy hair for women over 50.  We just need to respect our hair the way we respect the rest of our bodies!




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