May 31st, 2012

Budgeting | Do You Do This Monthly?

Budgeting | Do You Do This Monthly?


Budgeting may or may not be something that you do on a regular basis, and if you don’t I want to share with you that it can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. Why?

It’s important that you understand what you really have coming in versus what you have going out. This is where you learn about what you can live on, and how you can manage your life each day, each week, and each month. Read this entire article, so that you can understand what you can do to change your budget because, yes, it is possible.

Budgeting | Where Do You Start?

So, when it comes to budgeting, where do you begin? You start at the very beginning, which means that you start with the basic information. How much do you make?

Then the first thing you need to take from the top is tithing, or in some cases giving. This usually equals 10%, and for everyone this will be something different. This might be given to your church, given to a charity or organization of your choice, or it could even be something else that you want to give to.

Whatever the case might be, you can choose what you do with that, but be sure that you have an extra 10% going into your savings account. No matter what else you do you need to make sure that you have plenty being set aside for a rainy day or just in case.

Ask yourself an important question. What if you are driving out and about and you end up with a flat tire, or for that matter there is always a possibility that you could end up with four flat tires.

Right now, do you know that you have enough money set aside to replace these tires? If not, what will you do?

Budgeting | Can You Live on What You Make?

If someone were to come up to you and ask you if you could live on what you make, what would you say? Would you respond, “of course not!”, or would you respond with “of course I do!”

The reality is that most people answer that they don’t, or they lead with an answer that prompts the person that they are speaking to, to believe that they don’t earn enough. It’s a tough spot to be in if you know that your answer will be no, but each of us has the power to change that answer.

Our economy is suffering from answers like this all the time. Every day more jobs are lost, and the U.S. dollar continues to go down in value as we speak. So, why would you rely on getting paid by the company that you work for? Don’t count on it!

Why? Not only is your job not likely to stick, but keep in mind that you’re also subject to getting checks written to you that are no good. State checks are bouncing, checks from employers are bouncing, and worse things are not really looking up all that much as long as our country continues in this direction.

Wonder why people buy gold?

Budgeting | Make Sure You Have Enough to Buy Gold

So, in the process of budgeting, there is something that you need to do; make sure you have enough to buy gold. Why?

Again, look at our economy and where it is right now. It’s not in a great place, and I think that we all see it. However, most of us don’t really know what to do, and we don’t have a plan. When it comes to the rising costs of food, shelter, and everything else, what is your plan?

Budgeting for a savings is one thing, but we already know that banks are failing. We also know that gold is a currency that still is in the ground, so we can continue to access it without it costing us something more.

You can mine gold, you can dig for gold, and you can turn it into jewelry. However, at the end of the day, you need to buy gold so that you can use it to protect yourself.

Keep in mind that gold is the universal currency, so no matter where you go it spends the same way. What if you were in another country and you needed something?

If you want to figure out how budgeting for gold can help you prepare for the future, CLICK HERE right now!




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