July 8th, 2017

What Is Cryptocurrency?

What is Cryptocurrency? The Currency of the Future

If I had a dime for every time I heard this question I would own a mansion in the hills of Hollywood. It is still one of the most commonly asked questions today.

This currency, as it turns out, is the currency of the future and it’s most likely the one currency that will be the answer to the toughest questions about how our country deals with money.

Would you like to pay fewer fees when transferring money?

Would you like to have more privacy regarding what you do with your money and who you are sending your money to?

Would you like to handle your money with as much freedom as possible?

Therefore, you should ask this question and answer it fully. You should take the time to learn as much as you can about cryptocurrency, what it is, how it works, and what problems it could solve.

Once you finish reading this article in its entirety, you’ll know more about this global phenomenon than 85% of the population.

What is Cryptocurrency? The Most Basic Definition

What is cryptocurrency?

The first answer most folks come up with is Bitcoin, that really isn’t the first answer. The first real answer is digital currency.

This currency was not actually invented solely with the intention of being invented. Cryptocurrency was born out of another invention. Some would say it was a by-product, but whatever you choose to call it, it was not intended to be created.

The unknown inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, who is still truly unknown as a person, was believed to be making the effort to develop an electronic system that would aid in the management of cash.

This electronic system was intended to manage cash in an electronic fashion only, but it was not entirely perfected.

There was no blueprint if you will, and no real plan before he started.

Others had tried their hand at creating a digital cash system but it had never come to fruition. It was now that Nakamoto believed he could be the one individual to seal the deal on this “cashless” cash system.

A few of the primary goals that were set for this system was to:

  • Eliminate double-spending
  • Reduce wire transfer fees
  • Create a decentralized banking system

These things were much needed and highly desired by the public, but did they make sense? Consider that a bank records and keeps an account of everything on one central server.

With an electronic system, a server isn’t needed.

How are transactions accounted for? A peer-to-peer network is how these transactions are verified. If you have a simple system in which you have accounts, balances, and a list of transactions you have a system that works with cash.

This is how a peer-to-peer network works, making it easier than ever for transactions to be accounted for. The one thing to keep in mind is that all peers that are a part of this network must verify transactions.

When the peers agree, it’s complete. If the peers do not agree on one transaction then it’s a moot point. Have you been able to follow this?

It takes some time to get it down.

Explaining it in different ways will hopefully make it easier for you to understand. Once you learn the most basic concept of this, you’ll be able to answer the question of what is cryptocurrency.

July 7th, 2017

Why You Need to Learn About Cryptocurrency Now

Have you been wondering why you need to learn about cryptocurrency now?

Virtual currency is still not widely accepted, although many Americans love the idea that they can have access to monies that they can keep out of the hands of the bank.

It may be hard to imagine that you can have access to funds that are digital and can be transferred within seconds.

These funds are also free from wire transfer fees. It seems too good to be true. The bigger picture yields much greater reasons.

Cryptocurrency, like the infamous Bitcoin, is something you need to learn about now before everyone else gets ahead of you.

The reason?

It is the currency of the future, and it was birthed out of an accidental creation. This peer-to-peer network makes it possible for the transactions to be verified using computers.

This means that a bank does NOT have to be involved.

This is where the big change is coming. This is where countries get stirred up about this digital invention. This decentralized system is why you need to learn about cryptocurrency now.

Why You Need to Learn About Cryptocurrency Now And Get Cash into Your Hands

One of the biggest reasons you need to know more about cryptocurrency is to get this back into the hands of the public.

It is somewhat “cryptic”, but, taking the time to learn more about it will ensure that you get armed with plenty of information.

There were numerous attempts to create a centralized system for digital cash, but none of them were successful.

The only way to account for cash is to know the balance and what is spent against what is in the account. Everything must have a network or way to account for transactions.

This type of system also prevents double spending. A major bank has a server that keeps track of this information, and would be able to kick back information about a transaction that was repeated.

A digital or virtual cashless system like that of Bitcoin and any other type of cryptocurrency is a decentralized system. No bank is needed and there is no governing body.

This means that the only way a transaction can be tracked is a verification by another user or by a special software.

How is a list of transactions kept?

This list is what is known as a blockchain in the world of digital currency, in other words, a list of all transactions is kept for all to verify.

This also provides an address where the transaction was sent from and where the transaction was accepted.

If anyone in the peer network disagrees, there is a problem. However, if the transactions continue to run and there is no discrepancy, these transactions will continue to run.

Does this make sense?

It may take a few times to read this article before it really sets in.

Remember, nothing worth doing is very easy. Those who want the decentralized system will need to work at it, and while it may be difficult to understand in the beginning, it will be worth the effort in the end.

The freedom that cryptocurrency can bring is exactly the reason WHY you need to learn about cryptocurrency now.

July 6th, 2017

The Top 5 Advantages of Cryptocurrency

Money is always a popular topic but there are still 5 advantages of cryptocurrency that you may not understand.

Cryptocurrency has continued to steal attention in the press but it hasn’t fully been understood by the public. What is this “mystery money” all about?

Initially, this currency launched into a world where one system of paper money was the only system the world was comfortable with.

A world where that paper money is used daily to purchase goods and services without much thought.

If this money cannot be in your hand today to buy something, what good is it for? What is the real purpose behind this cryptocurrency?

This article is going to share with you the top 5 advantages of cryptocurrency in hopes that you’ll gain a deeper understanding of why one should want to purchase cryptocurrency to exchange it for cash in the future.

5 Advantages of Cryptocurrency You Never Considered

You’ve heard names like Bitcoin, Peercoin, and several others, but what you may not know is why these names even matter.

You may even believe that because they are new and a part of the “unknown”, that they are somewhat important. When it comes to anything financial many people feel that way.

The one main or immediate difference is that this currency is digital, and this could lead us to the very first advantage.

  1. Security. Mining is the way in which you obtain these coins when it comes to cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin mining was only one of the three ways to get Bitcoins. The others available must be purchased through an exchanged or they must be traded. Their circulation is unique and unlike paper money that must be printed and coins that must be minted. This unique creation makes it difficult to duplicate this currency, and special software is required to validate the transactions. It’s simple.
  2. There is no third party. One of the primary 5 advantages of cryptocurrency is that there is no third party. Trading monies in other countries is generally conducted through a controlled system, and is accounted for by the government. Centralized systems like banks and credit card companies all track transactions, but the benefit in this case means no third-party fees. Transfers are only conducted through public and private keys. This is great news for those who want to avoid wire transfer fees which have gone up significantly.
  3. You have privacy. Another big advantage that goes together with number two is the privacy you are afforded. Bitcoins can be exchanged from one person to another and there is no need for a bank to complete the transaction.
  4. It’s faster! Transfers of funds are often time wasters and they can take far too long when business needs to carry on. If you are tired of waiting for wire transfers, cryptocurrency is a great way to avoid the time lag. When you transfer cryptocurrency it is instant, even when doing a transfer that is international. There is no faster way to transfer money.
  5. Access has increased. Initially, cryptocurrency seemed like it was far away and difficult to access. Now everyone can access cryptocurrency when they wish. It became popular then it became more vital to the economy. Now Americans desire to learn everything they can about cryptocurrency and how to use it.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful, and that you now see the top 5 advantages of cryptocurrency and how you can fully benefit from it.

July 4th, 2017

Review Of Nexxus Partners

Nexxus Partners is a services company for the bitcoin and altcoin industry, and as its tagline promises – is all about taking cryptocurrency from the digital world to hometown communities all around the world. Nexxus Partners offers a range of services. It is basically an ecosystem of support services designed to facilitate the adoption and proliferation of cryptocurrency.

Recognizing that the mainstream public can adopt and benefit from cryptocurrency only after understanding what it is in the first place, Nexxus Partners provide formal education and platforms where knowledge on this topic can be picked up informally. The first important thing to understand is in fact, the causality of such a revolutionary solution.

It is a response to state capitalism or the state’s economic sovereignty. Cryptocurrency is a means of asserting our control and forcing governments to respect our economic freedom. Nexxus simplifies this next big wave for the layman by highlighting five incredible benefits of cryptocurrency – namely decentralization, controlled supply, unrestricted use, privacy, and transparency.

There are no governments, banks or any other financial institutions involved making cryptocurrency a people’s currency i.e. owned and controlled by the people. The supply or circulation of this people’s currency is predetermined which means that no government can devalue it by issuing more currency out of thin air! Cryptocurrency enables users to make any number of transactions – small or large, from anywhere at any time and with little or no transaction charges whatsoever. Absolutely everything from technical specifications and source codes to the blockchain ledger is public ensuring privacy at the same time. Your consumer identity can be as anonymous as you want it to be. Although it is public, privacy is a granted factor. For instance, user addresses are displayed but only as cryptic numbers.

To facilitate the accomplishment of their mission of taking cryptocurrency from the digital world to hometown communities around the world, Nexxus Partners promote its widespread adoption and use through Nexxus Crypto-cafés, Nexxus Crypto-ATMs, an innovative shopper rewards program that among other things adopts a barter system under Nexxus Barter and an essential cryptocurrency education and certification through Nexxus University! Nexxus Rewards is yet another attraction beneficial to the community at large.

Nexxus University

Nexxus University is the educational arm of the Nexxus Ecosystem and offers the world’s first ever Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist certification program thereby empowering people towards financial independence at an unmatched level by providing them the opportunity to fully understand the benefits of cryptocurrency. They also offer a cryptocurrency enlightenment course among individual and bundle courses.

By utilizing this priceless opportunity your entire family can now be empowered with financial education and more and more people can possess an intimate understanding of these emerging technologies that are poised to capitalize upon future growth. The courseware of Nexxus University covers a vast range starting from the history of money to understanding cryptocurrency and the bitcoin solution. And to help the under-privileged gain an advantage in the evolving financial world and not get left behind, Nexxus Partners offer selected families in countries from across the globe full scholarships to Nexxus University.

Nexxus Rewards

Nexxus Rewards is a cooperative global rewards community where everyone in the community both shoppers and merchants benefit. It is an all new shared shopping experience that truly redefines what a shopper rewards program ought to be. It is a win-win-win for shoppers, merchants and communities just as its motto promises – A World of Rewards for Shoppers, Merchants and Communities, and is unlike any rewards program before it.

Shoppers can register for Nexxus Rewards free of charge and collect cash back reward points from referrals and purchases which can then be redeem at any Nexxus merchant.

As for merchants, Nexxus Rewards is an absolutely risk-free solution that enables you not only to get new customers but also keep the old ones. Nexxus Merchants are not charged any signup fees and there are no contracts, no special terms to either lease or purchase and no special software requirements making business absolutely hassle free smooth sailing.

By fostering businesses for local merchants, supporting local charities with donations and rewards from an infinite network of referred shoppers – Nexxus Rewards is immensely beneficial to communities as well. Nexxus Rewards brings home vital knowledge and education to the community through Nexxus Crypto-cafés; it also includes support services for its end-users to trade their unwanted or surplus products and services with each other in cryptocurrency or cash with Nexxus Barter.

Nexxus Barter

Nexxus Barter is a free bartering service that provides a co-branded bartering service for local communities or community affinity groups. There are numerous ways a person can benefit from the Nexxus Barter program, without requiring you to be an expert in cryptocurrency. It is essentially just using cash or cryptocurrency to buy or sell and rewards in the form of cryptocurrency can be further used to buy items through Nexxus Barter or even to make purchases from Nexxus Merchants.

Nexxus Crypto-cafés

Nexxus Crypto-cafés are basically community centers for everything cryptocurrency. These centers are a friendly platform where the public can not just use but also learn all about cryptocurrency. Apart from being an HQ for merchant support and central hub for community organizations, Nexxus Crypto-cafés function as a support center for the independent Nexxus sales force. Each one of these centers comes equipped with at least one Nexxus ATM. The exchange of bitcoin, NexxusCoin or any other cryptocurrency to fiat currency is facilitated at a Nexxus Crypto-café with these Nexxus Automated Teller Machines or Nexxus ATMs.

I think it is safe to say that Nexxus Partners have covered just about everything especially since the Nexxus ecosystem goes beyond a single cryptocurrency and seeks to improve the use of cryptocurrency as a whole.

June 30th, 2017

The Importance Of Getting A Cryptocurrency Education

Cryptocurrency is the next big thing. A look at the financial markets will tell you this. Look at the performance of Bitcoin, for example. Its value increased tremendously and made overnight millionaires of people who invested in it. And now everyone is looking for it, further increasing its value. Still, others opt to use it because of its security, its universality, and freedom from regulations by third parties. Strangely, though, many people have little knowledge of this form of virtual money or, none at all. In case you’re one of them, it could be time to take a step towards cryptocurrency education. With information, you will cash in on the many benefits of cryptocurrency, like people did when they took advantage of it when it was just taking shape, and few people knew about its great benefits.

Remember the 90s and early 20s? When people ignored the business opportunities the internet had in store? That’s just around the time when the current internet giants came to be after realizing the business opportunities the worldwide web held. Their founders saw business before the rest of us did and took action.

Likewise, in the year 2009, people noticed the opportunity in cryptocurrency when it first introduced. Today, they’re the millionaires of Bitcoin, one of the many forms of cryptocurrency, and the most popular. The investment opportunities are big, and trading in this digital currency is both secure and extremely fast. It’s universal and can be used across borders without limitations whatsoever. It doesn’t need banks to hold and regulate it, which is why it’s loved by those who use it.

But to understand all the jargon that surrounds it, getting some training on this form of digital currency would be advisable.

Where can one get the education in this new form of virtual money?

Not many institutions offer cryptocurrency education. One of the places you can get it is at Nexxus University. It’s a geat place to get your education in cryptourrency. You do not need to be physcally present at the insitution,the training happens online.

What are the benefits of cryptocurrency education ?

Knowledge is power, more so knowledge in cryptocurrency. You cannot engage in business you know little or nothing about. It would be a case of trial and error, which would be dangerous. And because cryptocurrency is fairly new in the financial world, getting knowledge about it first should be the first step. An education in cryptocurrency will transform you in many ways. In case you’re wondering how, here are a few of the benefits you get from cryptocurrency education.

1. You can act consultant to others

With cryptocurrency use gaining ground, is expected that there will be an unprecedented increase in the number of users. But most of them will be users without adequate knowledge about it. They will need professional guidance and advice on how to go about it. Why not capitalize on this and gain by becoming knowledgeable in this field that’s fairly new? It’s a sure venture, one that is full of prospects.

2. It will add to your CVs portfolio

Many companies are beginning to embrace this virtual money. And inevitably so because they cannot continue to ignore it while the rest of the world is into it. The result is that every business will want staff with training on this for of currency so they can be certain of their wholesome competence. With cryptocurrency education, you will have an advantage over others in the job market. You will get more job offers than you would if you had no knowledge of this digital currency.

3. You can start your training program

Google search statistics show an upward trend on searches related to cryptocurrency, thanks to the news media. Bitcoin, one of the most popular of this virtual currency, has been in the news headlines recently. It was reported to have made investors rich from growth in its exchange value to the dollar. It’s this news that caused an upsurge in searches about virtual money like Bitcoin. Opportunities abound in quenching this thirst for cryptocurrency information. It’s a training business you can undertake both online and offline, but only if you have the knowledge. Which is why you should consider training on it.

4. It will enable you to do business in cryptocurrency comfortably

Without knowledge of this emerging form of currency, your trading, if in business, would be very much limited. You don’t engage in what you don’t know, right? So you would only watch opportunities passing by, just as many now regret why they didn’t buy Bitcoins as an investment. But that was likely because they didn’t know what this Bitcoin was, and how it operated. If they knew, they would have fully engaged in its trade and would be reaping big now. By getting training on cryptocurrency, you will certainly boost your trading and investment abilities.

5. It will enable you to make sound judgments and deciisions in matters concerning digital money

In the financial market, due diligence is what you need to survive. A wrong decision can see you come tumbling down, financially. To stay up, you need a thorough knowledge of whatever you’re engaging in. Therefore, if you don’t want to burn your fingers, education in cryptocurrency is not only essential but almost vita. And because new knowledge concerning cryptocurrency keeps coming up, like new forms of this currency, you would need to keep up to date with financial news and new training.

With experts predicting a fast adoption of this new currency and abandonment of the current form of money, you can never go wrong training to get knowledge in it. The benefits are many, plus you will be better prepared to join the shift. With an informed approach, you can easily get onto the bandwagon of trading in this virtual money and enjoy the many advantages it has over normal currency.

Training need not cost you a lot or take much of your time. Online classes are what you should consider. They offer flexibility, allowing you to study when you want and at yoir own pace.

June 29th, 2017

How To Win Over Your Fear And Get Things Done!

Addressing your fears is important in any area of life, but it’s critical that you learn how to win over your fear and attack every area of your business head on. Do you have an action plan to do this? If you have not identified your fears then you aren’t even ready. It all starts with being honest with yourself about the fears you have.

If you know that you have these fears and you are ready to face them, then it’s important that you learn how to overcome them and work your business every day without fail. There are several key points that I lean on when it comes to overcoming fear and getting things done, and I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you.

Are you ready to take action and get things done? Today, I am going to share with you how to win over your fear and get things done so that you can experience success in every area of your life.

Learning How to Win Over Your Fear!

Taking action is so important in your life and in your business. It’s learning how to win over your fear that really matters most. A lot of this comes down to your mind. What do you think about most? Here is the list of things you must do in order to face your fears.

  1. Change how you think. Instead of constantly thinking before doing, you need to be doing without thinking. This is generally associated with getting out of your comfort zone. It’s important that to overcome fears you do something that you are not comfortable with to make progress every day. As an entrepreneur you are responsible for your business, not anyone else. It’s up to you to take the steps.
  2. Change your speech. It’s so important that we have control of our thought life. A big part of this is our speech. This also means speaking positively and removing negative vocabulary from your speech. Don’t use words like “can’t”, “hate”, “never”, etc. The more positive you add into your vocabulary the more positive your life will be. It’s also a good idea to focus on your tone and be “calm”, rather than high strung.
  3. Change how you act/respond. No one likes to be around people that are always nervous and upset. There is a great concept called “fake it till you make it”. If you aren’t sure, continue to speak with confidence. Even if you feel shaky or nervous about your first time making a presentation keep presenting and doing what you do best!
  4. Change how you use your body. Don’t overload yourself! If you do too much you can hurt yourself and use up your energy. You can also not move enough and hurt yourself too. Keep moving physically, but don’t overload the mind and body with things it doesn’t need. Get plenty of physical activity for your body, but don’t overload the mind with electronic devices, TV, and programming. Focus on calm and clarity with meditation and read good books.

I hope that these 4 tips are helpful for you in changing your life for the better. Change is always required to do more and better things. It always pays more in the end spiritually and financially when you learn how to win over your fear and achieve the success you desire!

July 14th, 2015

Will Governments Create Their Own Cryptocurrency?

Since the inception of Bitcoin the question has always been whether or not governments will create their own cryptocurrency.

If you look at the process and management of cryptocurrency and how it works, then it appears to be a much better option than fiat currency. This may be so long term, and there is no denying that it’s a hit.

Ecuador banned Bitcoin in 2014, and it’s no surprise that this action was followed up by the creation of Ecuador’s very own electronic funds system.

Why the rush? Ecuador’s government stated that it’s cheaper to renew deteriorating notes. Tax evasion is viewed as a great reason for governments to make the switch.

If you were to talk to Peter Bofinger, a German economist, he says that cryptocurrency is the solution above all. One of the tell-tale signs that Germany may not be so quick to make the change is the fact that most Germans use cash for everything.

While this sounds smart in theory, it could wreck the potential for Germany to move to an electronic money system. If you had the ability to do so, would you create your own cryptocurrency?

Today, I take a look at why governments would want to move forward with this, and why it would be a smart move for them financially. Read the rest of this entry »

July 10th, 2015

7 Big Trends in E-commerce

While E-commerce may sound like a fancy term, keep in mind that it’s now the gateway by which everything is being done. More consumers are shopping online, and they are doing so because it’s convenient.

Think about how much money you can save just by shopping online and never leaving your home. Rising gas prices nearly pushed online shopping over the top over the past few years, and things are looking brighter for online giants like Amazon, Overstock, and even eBay.

However, you should know that there are more ways to shop online. This makes having an online business attractive. Its low overhead, and online retailers know that with drop shipping they won’t have to keep stock in a warehouse that they may never sell. Read the rest of this entry »

July 9th, 2015

Why Cloud Mining is Big in Cryptocurrency

Have you heard the buzz about cloud mining? You probably hear everyone talking about the cloud, but when it comes to mining cryptocurrency you couldn’t find a better way to conduct your transactions.

The idea that you can conduct transactions using a remote datacenter sounds completely private, but is it? This all sounds wonderful, but if you aren’t able to keep your privacy, is it really worth exploring?

If you want to purchase, trade, and invest in cryptocurrency, you now have a way to do so around the clock and from anywhere in the world.

Today, I’ll share with you why cloud mining is taking over the world, and what you can do to get a piece of the action. Read the rest of this entry »

July 7th, 2015

Understanding The Benefits Of Drop Shipping

If you’ve ordered something and it’s been delivered to your home directly from the manufacturer, this is known as drop shipping.

This is the name of the game for many online retailers, and it’s the best way to operate. When a store doesn’t have to keep tons of products on the shelves that means that there is more space that can be used for other things.

You benefit as well because you’ll most likely get your item faster when the manufacturer ships it to you directly. The merchant is thrilled, and then it’s just a matter of moving onto the next order.

Today, I’ll share with you the benefits of drop shipping, and why it’s the key to growing the market in ecommerce. Read the rest of this entry »