January 4th, 2011

Baby Boomer Women—The Small Luxuries That Are Well Worth It

As we Baby Boomer women are facing retirement, it can be easy for us to get caught up in the tough economic news we’re hearing and start to assume we should be cutting out every luxury so we’ll have enough money to last the rest of our lives.

It’s true that we have to be careful to not have life left at the end of our money.  But Boomer women have a lot of options available to us to keep that from happening, including starting our own online businesses.  There are ways to manage your wealth and to create the kind of business that will leave you very comfortable financially.

What I’m saying here is don’t start thinking austerity!  There are small luxuries that we can and should afford ourselves as we Boomers retire into our second lives.

For one thing, have you considered downsizing from the house you’re in now to an apartment?

Why is this a luxury?  Well, think about it.  When you live in an apartment or even a rented house, you’re paying less than half the amount of money on housing that you have to spend on a house you own.  And for another, the smaller the place, the less cleaning you have to do.

Speaking of cleaning, if you can afford it I recommend hiring someone to do it for you if you can.  We women have done enough cleaning in our lifetimes.  As we’re retiring, it’s time for us to focus our energies on other things!

Another luxury I think Boomer women should consider is exquisite self-care.  Even if you can’t get to a spa every weekend, you can create a spa for yourself in your own bathtub.  We deserve the breaks that leave us refreshed and ready to enjoy our days!

Baby Boomer women have done a lot for the world.  We were the generation that broke down the stereotypes about what women can and cannot do with our lives.  We’ve had careers; many of us have raised children.  Now that we’re retiring, it’s time for us to give ourselves some love.



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