January 25th, 2011

Baby Boomer Woman’s Guide to the Workforce

A Baby Boomer woman’s chances of employment as she nears and tops her 50s are better than they have been for any generation of women before us.

Yes, there are uncertainties. The unemployment rate is still high in many states, and men and women both are having trouble finding jobs no matter what their ages!

But as a Boomer woman, you’ve got access to some pretty powerful tools. If you’re not using the Internet in your job hunt yet, I strongly encourage you to tune in and turn on to the many websites geared to help people with their job hunting. In fact, there are sites that specialize in specifically helping women locate meaningful work!

However, I want to drop a bug in your ear, so to speak, and encourage you to look at options besides a traditional job. After all, as a Boomer woman, you’re nearing or in your 50s—are you sure you want to keep answering to someone else’s schedule and priorities?

If so, great—I know that a lot of women have fulfilling careers that way. But why not look deeper and consider starting your own business?

Boomer women already have a wealth of experience we can use to run a business. We’ve done budgeting, whether in our jobs or for our families (or both). We’re certainly used to dealing with multiple projects at the same time! In addition, we’ve got the comfort with ourselves to be able to admit what we can do and what we need help with.

So today, you can still make a powerful mark on the workforce as a Baby Boomer woman. Or you can look into the possibility of opening your own business and becoming your own boss. One of today’s options is particularly attractive—Internet businesses have the lowest start-up costs of any kind of business today.

But whether you stay in the workforce or strike out on your own, I know that any Baby Boomer woman out there is more than capable of success!



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