October 22nd, 2011

Acceptable Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Women Over 50 Hairstyles

Baby Boomer Hairstyles

Have you noticed how beautiful the older celebrities are looking? More and more of them are happy to be older, and accepting that they are aging. And they are aging gracefully. A few of them aren’t trying to hide their gray hairs or other noticeable signs of aging. They are embracing who they are right now at this point in time.

You’ll find all kinds of hairstyles for women over 50. The usual styles include shorter or shoulder length hair. This can be an attribute to a mindset of our generation, namely this: we are a practical bunch. Therefore, most styles for women over 50 are practical. Hairstyles are no exception.

Get cute with a pixie cut.

Pixie cuts usually leave just enough hair on the top for you to run your fingers through. It’s a great style for women who are looking for a whole new look, or a way to reinvent themselves. It’s also good for women who have the type of personality that’s adventurous and daring. Of course, you don’t have to be either to have it, but be prepared to receive numerous compliments on how cute your hairstyle is.

Bring back the bob.

It was made famous by an actress, and it’s still famous today. The bob is classy, elegant, and flexible. You don’t necessarily have to wear your hair even all over. You can have it cut shorter on one side. Or, even better, you can have your hair cut short in the back, and have it get longer towards the front, framing your face.

As an added bonus, you can add a bit of color to it. Try something natural, like a dark red or a brown. Ask your stylist for more ideas.

Be sassy with a different style.

This includes colors and hairstyles that you’ve rarely ever seen before. If you go in and tell your stylist you want to change your look, and give them permission to go to town, chances are they’re going to come up with something that suits you.




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