My name is Joyce Becker, and I am an Internet marketing entrepreneur living in the Township of Washington, New Jersey. I’m also a Baby Boomer with a varied career and a long and happy marriage of over 30 years. I have one grown stepson who is a history teacher.

I worked throughout my adult life, following the blueprint that had worked for my parents and grandparents. My college degree was in communications and broadcasting. I started out by working for a television network in New York City, preparing theatrical movies for TV presentation and planning the promo spots for these shows. I then sold PC computers for a brief period before moving into residential real estate sales.

As you can see, I have an eclectic working background with jobs in various industries!

I have never been a person who enjoys the structure of the corporate environment, but I worked in it for years, since supposedly that was the way to secure my retirement.

My last gig was a 9-to-5 corporate job preparing and negotiating contracts for a pharmaceutical company, which did not appeal to me at all. Not to mention the horrible hour-long commute through snarling traffic jams (the people—and the cars).

Coming from real estate, I was used to a little freedom in my comings and goings. But no matter what, Monday through Friday, I had to be there—rain or shine, sleet or blizzard.

It was mind numbing and monotonous. I felt like a cog in a wheel, focusing on my minute little task, shuttered in the bland grey cubicle walls. This is no way to live, I thought!

At the same time, I was painfully aware that what I had saved—even combined with my husband’s savings—was woefully inadequate.

I had also come to the realization that if I didn’t take control of my future and build a financial wall around myself, my life would extend well past my retirement income.

I finally decided that—once and for all—I would make my escape from corporate life and take control of my finances! It was time to build that financial wall so that I could finally be free to enjoy life.

Not just to support me—but to finance the life of my dreams. I was determined that, after all of these years, it was time to do what I wanted to do and to not constantly worry about money anymore.

The only solution was to start my own business. Not your traditional brick-and-mortar business—a business that fit around my schedule. A business that didn’t require me to show up every day from 9 to 5—or worse, on evenings and weekends. And to protect the savings I’d already accumulated, I wanted to start a business that didn’t require a lot of capital or a huge amount of risk.

For me, I found the solution in an Internet-based business. You might just find that is the solution for you, too.

Using the power of the Internet, you can launch just about any kind of business that you desire—at a fraction of the cost of a traditional business, right from your home. Plus, you get the flexibility of working from where you want, when you want . . . coupled with the opportunity to earn a virtually unlimited income.

My Internet business is a win-win for me . . . and I feel strongly that it can be so for other Baby Boomers as well.

I used to dread the sound of the alarm clock each morning, which was my signal (after pushing the snooze button a few times) to start rushing around, get ready to jump in the car with a cup of coffee, and face a grueling hour commute in rush hour traffic. I would find myself physically drained before the workday even began! I knew the true meaning of the term “rat race.”

I guess some would call me lucky—for even having a job to go to.

I can appreciate that, I really can. But at the same time, after doing it for decades, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was really what I wanted to do with whatever time I had left on this Earth. And I can tell you—it wasn’t.

Now I get up early in the morning—without the sound of an alarm clock. After completing my morning ritual of meditation, exercise, and a healthy breakfast, I’m fully energized to make the “long” commute across the hallway into my office and start my work day.

As a Baby Boomer, I am proud to be a part of a generation that changed the world . . . and the way we work is no different.

We are now redefining what work means to us. We are setting the terms—not the employers nor a faceless corporation. We can choose to launch our own Internet businesses . . . we just need to know how and to take the right action. And it’s not rocket science!

I went in search of something better. And I found it!

I Encourage You To Contact Me Today! I look forward to getting to know you!


Joyce Becker

Joyce Becker, Re-Invent Your Life